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Writer’s Studio house in New York

Studio houseWriter’s Studio is a unique project, carried out by experts from the American Architectural Studio Cooper Joseph Studio in New York. The little house with unusual architecture belongs to the scientist and acts as his creative space in which it can work, read, rest, listen to music and be inspired by the sounds of nature. Pretty building is located in a forest area in the Dean Road Ghent. The house windows are overlooking to the lake on one side it is bordered by picturesque field and the other in January envelops the woods. Sleek and elegant design fits perfectly in the vicinity. The interior of the house is decorated with a tree nut. Large windows provide optical illusion of more space in the house designed to blend with nature.

The simplicity in the exterior design and architecture by using of simple forms make the vision quite more interesting, but staying away from the forest and ecology. However the designers perfectly contrasted the vision of the house with the nature around, but kept the sense of coziness and beauty. The interior is even more scandalous and interesting, but in the good way. Definitely there are crazy and interesting ideas implemented into the village ecological house Writer’s Studio, which carries a lot of inspiration for art people.

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