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White Beach Residence in California

White Beach ResidenceThe house on the beach sounds like a dream come true for us, like if a little bit of the White House in Southern California, USA, will feel like part of a true story. That residence has wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean and the horizon line where water and sky become one. The house is divided into two parts – the main and guest interconnected by a glass bridge corridor. Painted entirely in white, and even interior corresponds to this concept. The huge glass walls and ceiling light constantly skip and in no way interfere with the residents to enjoy the unique view. The courtyard is very closed hand and offers absolute privacy. In addition to its dining outdoors, has a private mini-beach.

The living-room has two levels, a chandelier in the middle is really impressive. White is combined with light wood and beige, so the general idea of ??interior light is not affected much. The room includes a kitchen and dining room, which blend smoothly into one another, but the kitchen is precisely isolated by break, not to invade flavors in the rest of her space. This pattern is repeated throughout the home and only in certain places furniture and works of art, which he contrasted.

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