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Unique architecture Bird House in Mallorca

Bird House in MallorcaThere are different houses, but definitely there are buildings that just leave you breathless. Such as that designed the Spanish architect Alberto Rubio in Mallorca. His remarkable architectural feat he has called Bird House. Probably the only person with a great sense of humor could define exquisite building as something modest and tiny as a home for birds or nest but surely this is just banter. The amazing design of the house is reminiscent of many other things, but for us it looks like most of the huge white bird spread its wings on the shore of the second largest island in Spain, just before flying over the Mediterranean. As much as I try, we will find only the most accurate definition of this architectural masterpiece in which white roofs and undulating curves are in unique harmony with the sea, the sky and all the wonderful scenery.

Bird House architectureThe house impresses everyone with radical curves in its silhouette, spacious interiors with open plan and vaulted ceilings with wooden beams. The futuristic villa has an area of ??540 sq m, built in 2004 and has a spacious living area with kitchen and dining area, outdoor summer kitchen, five bedrooms, gym and sauna. The plot on which the building is located, has an area of ??1500 sq m. The arc curved balconies showered with recreation and outdoor dining, pool, which seemed threatening to pour into the sea and unique exterior lighting system are only part of the collection of impressive architectural jewels of the house. To any part of the house to look, one wonders what more ahead to admire – whether the elegant silhouette of the house of uncommon beauty or inducing romantic sentiment atmosphere that causes every hour of the day a variety of wonderful sensations and emotions. We do not know who are the owners of this fabulously beautiful house, but we can only envy them (quite ignoble) that inhabit this unique architectural masterpiece.

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