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The Good House in Melbourne

The Good houseAccidentally we came across a white, simple jewelry that eagerly would like to introduce to you. The Good House is located in Melbourne, Australia and impresses with its beautiful and clean lines and interior design. Designed by design studio and architectural firm “Crone Partners”, this house is a luxury, despite its simplified lines. This home has been a bit of a challenge for architects, but as you can see from the pictures below, they have done more than great. Functional division of the house incorporates a sitting area, dining area, kitchen, laundry, bathroom, sauna and toilet. The lovely interior elements can be found bilaterally fireplace, very soft lighting and comfortable, stylish sofas. The neutral color palette adorns the house, the main color is beige.

The good house in melbourneIn any case this is one of the most impressive houses, which we have ever seen. The architecture is inspired from the modernism and futuristic design. The interior is modern and high technology and the comfort is on top quality. In any case, we like this house so much, as the outside pool and the beautiful garden are making it impressive and remarkable. The simplicity of the interior is really good option, as the designers kept the luxury design without using many ornaments.

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