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T-shape luxury house in Hungary

T-shape luxury houseMany charm broadcast all single-storey houses, even if they are implemented with methods and means of modern architecture, do not you think? And especially when they are constructed in harmony with the surroundings of the landscape, they seem to emit an immediate comfort and hospitality, writing with ease in the characteristics of the surrounding area. Another issue is that such construction is not without significance is also the terrain, but the lack of stairs and panoramic views from the upper floors can be wonderfully compensated by a well designed and landscaped courtyard. Garden lighting creates atmosphere. All this fully applies to this modern HIP house Hungary, designed on one level of studio T?th Project Architecture. The building is located in the quiet suburbs of the city. Mosonmagyar?v?r, located in the northwest of Hungary.

T-shape house poolThe house has a total area of ??235 sq m and is owned by a family of 4. Modern look due to the architectural spaces, designed in a T-shape and the materials used for facade – white plaster in combination with gray stone tiles and slabs with dark wood effect. As a result of the selected T-shaped, all premises are most functional – one side is the area of ??social communication, including living room, kitchen, and the other part of the house is sleeping area composed of one parent and two children bedrooms. The interior design of the living space is distinguished by simplicity and a unique personality due to both the materials used and the color and shape of furniture.

T-shape house interiorTo maintain maximum feeling of space in each room, the principles guiding the furnishings are functional and comfortable with the influence of modern minimalist style. Combinations of a combination of white elements with wood effect dominate the interior design of the house. The dining room has a view of the garden. The master bedroom impresses with its interesting decoration – wall panel immediately grabs the eye, but no less impressive gray stone wall cladding and decorative ceiling beams. But the biggest jewel in the garden of the house is undoubtedly the pool-like layout with a natural pond. Spacious porch provides space for relaxation in direct contact with the living area and to relax and meet with friends is organized and barbecue with colorful awning. Modern and functional house that is certainly the great pride of the owners.

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