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Sunflower house

Sunflower houseThis interesting real estates architecture is named Sunflower house, as residents boast spectacular views of the Mediterranean from every room. The house is designed and directed to see the sunrise everym orning. The property is located in El Port de la Selva, Spain and is the work of the architectural studio Cadaval & Sol?-Morales. The purpose of the house is to create a strong connection with the sea, but also brings a lot of sunlight inside. The name of the building comes from its functionality – the project is a complex mechanism that captures the sun’s heat like a giant sunflower. Each geometric room has large windows that allow to enjoy the beautiful sea views.

The interior is modern and clean. You can see traditional white walls, which are making the Sunflower house really spaceful and beautiful. The furniture is with dark colors to contract the walls and to make the interior design more effective and interesting.

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