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Stylish and luxury house in Brazil

Luxury house brazilLiving as close to the natural scenery and the surrounding landscape to be the best decor of your home is a choice that would appeal to everyone. Just such was the task set by the owners of this house before architects studio Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura, designed their new home. The house, which construction was completed in 2011, is located in the town Goiania – the capital of the central-western state of Goias in Brazil. The total area of ??the building is 460 sq m and the yard spread to 1350 sq m. A major challenge in designing the house, faced by architects, is how to maximize the integration of the building in the landscape, without in the least disturb the privacy of the residents.

House brazilHere serious help provide them the natural slope of the terrain, thanks to which managed to build a recreation area near the pool, mounted on a kind of plateau, located 4 meters above the level of the passing street. So owners, undisturbed by external looks down upon can enjoy your holiday and the beautiful view around, including his own garden. Social sector in the living room communicates with beautiful scenery through the huge glass windows and sliding glass doors with a height of six meters, which allow complete dissolution of the front facade to the recreational area.

Brazil houseThe glass is processed further with a transparent coating that restricts the passage of heat inside. Motorized roller curtains provide privacy to the owners during more intimate family moments. The vertical plane of the large concrete canopy roof structure contributes to protection from the sun during periods of most intense sunshine. Lined with stone retaining wall in the pool and stone decorations in the garden are the finishing element in the successful integration of the whole architectural composition in the environment.

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