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Shell House in Nagano

Shell houseShell House in Nagano

The houses may soon not be what they are today. Architects around the world compete to design interesting and different homes. More importantly, that more of these projects materialize in the form of real buildings – occupied, well absorbed and unconventional space vision. Just so is the shell – a house that looks more like a living sculpture. It is the work of architect Kotaro is coming and is built in a forest near the town Karuizava, which is located in the province of Nagano, Japan. The building is designed as a vacation haven, and therefore perfectly able to withstand both wet summers are hot and the cold snowy winters, typical of the region.

Concrete structures represents 2 oval that resemble bird’s eye view of the English letter J, but viewed from the earth more reminiscent of seashells. The building was raised about five feet above the ground through the platform of a special timber that does not rot in harsh weather conditions. The entire living area is surrounded by wooden balconies, built from the same durable material. Between the structure is preserved and part of the environment – some trees are almost literally built into the shell-house.

The upper part, which serves as a roof is equipped with windows for additional natural light.

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