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Scandinavian inspiration for home

Scandinavian inspiration for homeScandinavian homes traditionally characterizes with clean lines, light colors (mostly white) and natural materials. This makes them perfect for adding color and bold accents for a modern look. Here are eight decorating ideas from which to draw inspiration. Scandinavian homes usually do not have many very bold and bright colors. Their beauty comes from simple, neutral palette, but never seem cold or boring because of the complementary colors. Using different shades of color creates depth. Plants add color and fresh air, making your home healthier. Part of the beauty of Scandinavian decor is that no space is not wasted. You just have to know how to utilize it best.

Usual urban homes are often laden with furniture and accessories. Take the example of the Scandinavians, who know that it is best to be moderate. Everything that comes from nature is good – wooden chairs and table, soft carpets and linen pillowcases. Although Scandinavian homes abound primarily by bright colors, not missing and darker. To not become your home too dark, paint one wall in black or put a black sofa.

To not look cluttered, bet on pritnove of one color family. Best rest of the room is simple. As Scandinavians spend the winter months in darkness, they know how to take advantage of sunlight and fresh air. Do not overdo it with curtains that are better in bright colors or transparent fabrics. Use multiple sources of light in the room – ceiling lamps and table.

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