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Ross Street real estate in Melbourne

Ross Street real estateThe modern architectural views suit us more. The future promises more interesting decisions that will make our homes beautiful multi-and hyper. Just such a house and Ross Street, completed earlier this year by Australian studio Robert Mills Architects. The building was built of wood, concrete and zinc panels and is located in Melbourne. Most challenging is it that is surrounded on one side with a pool, which dragged along the entire north wall, and even along the open area of ??the yard. The facade has no windows to completely isolate the noise from the street, while the ground floor is fully glazed to the rear of the house. The interior is the work of designers Scott Walker and Robert Back House, the team of studio Hassell. Their ideas for the interior are in harmony with the concept of Architects – a bold game with plenty of light, focus almost sculpting staircase connecting two floors, and many details of the mood.

The lack of a real boundary between the environment and inside the house is enhanced by large windows, walls behind. The fact that they are frameless, literally brings the outside world inside. Just above the spiral staircase has an oval window on the roof, and light it seeps to the ground floor. The house predisposes to pleasant parties.

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