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Rainbow House London

Rainbow House LondonRainbow House London

The Rainbow House, located in the British capital London, is the result of collaboration of two design studios – Ab Rogers Design and DA.Studio. This cheerful oasis is ideal for temporary escape from the bustle and everyday problems. A real masterpiece of contemporary design, Rainbow House is a wonderful place to live for young families with children. Along with the functionality and convenience of this unusual house offers over “parallel universe” of joy, color and movement. The climactic design element was spotted spiral staircase. In the bedroom, the designers have put a large bed that rotates on its axis and thereby change the “look” of it depending on mood and situation. The bedroom has a beautiful bath and emergency “evacuation” out to the living room as a skating rink in stainless steel.

All rooms are filled with air and light through the numerous windows, snow-white walls, mirrors and bright colors of the interior elements – furniture and original flooring. As a small bedroom is visually enhanced by a mirror wall, behind which there cabinets.

Clearly this dynamic and original house, which also corresponds to the modern notions of comfort and functionality, will be assessed only by optimists with humor and creative approach to life. A white and untouched by the designers walls will gradually be full of emotions and colors in the form of paintings and other “trophies” of travel.

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