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Old mill transformed into a comfortable flat

flat interiorThe Architect Nicolas Vignot transformed part of an old mill by using modules of metal and glass in the comfortable flatlet. Manifestly failed to preserve the original spirit of the industrial site, which had been steam room. Its area is 48m2, with the doors and moving parts can be used whole as a photo studio. Or when they are closed to flatlet has a large living room and secluded spaces, however, maintaining access to light. The bedroom also has industrial elements such as pipes above and below. But overall I think it is quite romantic with red blankets and the red wall. Wardrobe is hanging from lacquered MDF, with doors opening pressure. Attractive bedroom furniture is designed from IKEA, with a mighty lamps are Artemide. Panels which separate bedroom from the living room, actually are polycarbonate, in opaque glass. Dining area is located in the largest part of the dwelling. The dining room furniture is beautiful. It is located table with plywood. Bottles / vases on it are Cornar Shop. Stools are like those in schools which is why I truly hate them … were bought by Manutan. The dining room is separated from the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with a clever system of glass panels.

The Living area is in the same room as a large dining room. Separated from the bathroom with a wall where a fireplace was built, resembling quite the screen. But I think that a huge TV above it would not disrupt the harmony. 🙂 Library has the same mass as Plywood and still is a work of Vignot. Le Corbusier furniture by Cassina. Industrial spirit is quite palpable in the kitchen. Kitchen is rough concrete, and doors of lockers underneath are half-covered zinc. Ceiling hanging pipes, which means a lot of industrial. They sink and stainless steel by Franke. Shelves are glass, but domestic production. In conclusion, it is quite nice as the old beams, floors and woodwork. And in combination with the color of the walls gets cool.

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