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New Home Construction Steps

Sequence of steps when building a new house

New Home Construction StepsBuilding a new house requires sufficient knowledge to minimize labor cost, save time for the entire project. This article explains the sequence of steps that need to be followed when building a family bungalow. The initial step you need to take is to consult a registered land surveyor, who will confirm the registration details of your plot. This will help you not to violate any state restrictions on land. The surveyor will stake all corners and lot lines of the building site. The surveyor will handle expenses of correcting any mistake that may arise.

You can embark on clearing the building site as well as excavation of the foundation. This exercise includes clearing trees, removing rocks, roots, and debris. Ensure your clearing contractor does it about ten feet around the foundation area.This provides sufficient space for trucks, tractors and forklifts involved in building exercise. However, do not clear excess land because clearing costs will increase. The excavation process should be economical as much as possible. To minimize the excavation cost, hire a tree removal service rather than using the excavator to do so.

The power supply is necessary for some activities like welding during the building exercise. Therefore, make necessary arrangements with the power service providers and pay all the fees. Hire an electrician to install an electric panel box as well as inspecting it. Septic systems and boreholes are also installed at this stage. Consult the city health inspectors to determine suitable locations for septic tanks. However, guide their decisions by telling them your future developments in your home ground. If there are no water sources around, you should consider drilling a borehole to provide enough water to sustain the building process, and for domestic use after you settle in your newly constructed house.

Engage a qualified foundation contractor. This step is very crucial because the foundation need to be strong enough to support the weight of the bungalow. The good foundation also ensures that water is diverted from the walls. The height of the foundation wall should be evaluated by an architect. Treat the soil to eradicate insects like termites that may destroy wooden structures of the house. Hire a plumbing contractor to install plumbing lines.

New Home Construction StepsFraming the house should be done by a skilled carpenter. Ensure he selects hardwood for framing and that it gives a smooth and elegant look. Installation of chimneys and roofing are done at this phase. Chimneys should be put up before roofing to allow placement of metal sheets that are flashing around the chimney. If this is done, the shingles are not likely to be damaged.

Insulation of the house is done at this time. To qualify for lower rates, consult the local utility company, who may inspect the house and advise you accordingly. After the insulation is completed, flooring is done with neat and comfortable materials like vinyl. If you use unfinished hardwood, they should be deep sanded prior to finishing. Construct the drywall at this stage. Priming of the walls and ceilings is then done to minimize the cost of painting.

The interiors including door, cabinets, shelves, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets are installed at this step. Painting the house and final trimming of various extensions like tiles and Formica. Do the basic clean-up exercise on the rooftops, walls, and floor. Driveway, landscaping and final inspection are the last steps before you enjoy your new family mansion.

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