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Modern Los Angeles house

Modern Los Angelis houseWe loves luxury architecture and people, but what we mean is that large areas and with sufficient resources can create remarkable architectural products. Well, nothing new under the sun, but the sun in Los Angeles enjoys this luxury every day and as a vision and as area house. The whole property covers targets 7,000 sq m and the location of the building provides an impressive panoramic view not only to the western part of the City of Angels, but all the way to Santa Monica, the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. Authors of the grand project are architects and designers of the company McClean Design, and construction shall the house was completed in 2008. In the center of the architectural form of the building, consisting of two geometric volume is water – both literally and figuratively.

Modern LA houseBoth parts of the house are actually separated by a beautiful swimming pool and two decorative water features. Exactly this is the leading principle in the design of the building – the element of water, and only then surroundings. The project is designed so that each point of the house to access – physically and optically to the water elements of the exterior. In the main level of the house water is caught by a decorative pool, which slopes in the spa area, and then goes into a veritable pool area with 75 sq m. The relationship between the two parts of the house on the second level is carried out by a glazed bridge over the pool. In one part of the house are all social areas – living room, kitchen and dining room, the other – sleeping in the bedrooms and office work.

Los Angelis houseThe color concept of the interior solution designers have bet on pastel colors and a strong presence of white, which creates a feeling of more space and light in space where sunlight is also in abundance. In addition, it has several bedrooms, the house is also equipped with a media lounge and garage for 4 cars. Used as basic materials for facade and interior are concrete, stone and wood – a combination which gives a modern sound and elegant look of the house, proudly headed its architectural look from the top of the hill to the city, the sky and the surrounding area.

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