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Modern house on the beach

Modern house beachSeen from the side, the elegant silhouette of the house seemed to actually sliding on the waves of the ocean, and above it generously pour the rays of the warm California sun. And as if only the house with modern architecture is the only real obstacle to join the two endless blue. Of course, all this is an optical illusion, because the house is located on the surface of the rocky coastal promontory in California and the authors of the project are architects from Studio Architects Horst. Rockledge residence fully meets the conditions set by the owner of spacious family house on the beach where peace could be broken only by pleasant gatherings with friends. And one more thing – all together to enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of the area and splendid ocean views.

Modern house beach interiorThe mild coastal climate helps many architects as possible and create conditions for the smooth integration of external and internal space. The boundaries between inside and outside, interior and exterior are almost entirely contingent. The interior design solution consists of a main building and a separate self-less wing for guests the whole architectural composition is organized around a series of connected courtyards, which is mainly planted drought-resistant vegetation. The huge glass facade, sliding doors and using the same materials as stone, metal and wood in exterior and interior design contribute to “dissolve” the border between spaces. Despite this apparent openness is achieved skillfully balancing between the areas of social communication and personal spaces to preserve the inviolability of private life of the residents. Rockledge residence has a number of architectural merit, but obviously, as well as all real estate brokers constantly emphasized “location, location and location again” – where the ocean meets the sky and the earth!

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