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Minimalistic House in Switzerland

Minimalistic houseMinimalistic House in Switzerland

Definitely Switzerland has many attractions, beautiful scenery and extremely luxurious houses. Today we will meet you with an amazing architectural construction. Feldbalz, designed by Gus Wustemann is an amazing house, located on Lake Zurich, Switzerland. The three-storey building divided into areas for parents and children. The home has beautiful garden, pool and play area. The main living area is connected with the garden, which is a platform with spectacular views. There are no walls or recognizable architectural elements. To protect the area from view in private areas, all the neighbors walls are made of polycarbonate. In the east they create interiors, exclusive private courtyard and south, sliding frameless screens provide seclusion for owners.

In any case, futuristic design and beautiful architecture are just some of the beauty of this luxury house. Really well designed interior creates a sense that we up to heaven.

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