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Meakins Road real estate in Flinders, Australia

Meakins Road HouseThe concept of home as a special private space, expressing the essence to us, becomes more interesting and attractive. Another proof of this is the house Meakins Road, designed and completed before the days of the studio be Architecture. The building is surrounded by a steel structure with wooden beams in it, which forms around porch. The project is located on the coast of Victoria in Australia and was built in an area that was some time under water. This is the land around the house with a small desert appearance, but an artificial pond, low vegetation and stone clusters are changing the area. The main bedroom which can be a library, is separated from the rest of the house and can be reached through the “air corridor” – a glass installation, which connects the two.

The other bedrooms overlook their own mini-gardens, which are natural cypress left over from the past – it is estimated that at least a century. The main idea of ??the architects was to use parts of the yard as a personal outdoor spaces to certain areas. So they create a small rock amphitheater, artificial lakes and intimate areas for relaxation. The large glass windows facing the inside, providing maximum light during the day. The interior of the house is divided by decorative walls which are not always well-insulated, but architects acoustics is such that it receives natural insulation between rooms. Each of them has a “piece” porch – it is still around the house.

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