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Luxury holiday villa in Costa Rica

Holiday villa Costa RicaThe holiday villas are a good option for anyone who would like to spend some time outside the city. That which we can imagine now is even more special because it is super interesting as vision and location. Located in the jungles of Costa Rica and has impressive views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding lush vegetation. The house is designed for 8 people and has 5 bedrooms, 4 large bathrooms and a small, large offices and a large common area. Exactly what is most remarkable in it – even for a moment you can not feel in a confined space because the inside is constantly overflowing into the environment outside. The terraces allow residents to eat outdoors or simply relax while enjoying the stunning, yet soothing views. Even some of the bathrooms are equipped with natural light from large windows and a breathtaking ocean views. On one of the terraces has outdoor hot tubs, which also reveals the fascination of nature surrounding the house.

The holiday house has a large outdoor pool with infinity-light effect which gradually drawn into the building. The building is stylishly without excessive accumulation of elements. Most furniture is made of wood, and colors of the furnishings are mostly in this range, enhanced by subtle earth tones.

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