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Luxury Chalet in Georgia

Luxury Chalet in Georgia

Residential properties are among the most valuable assets today. In fact, for most people, residential properties make up the majority of their total valuable assets. Not only are homes among the biggest purchases that a person or a couple makes—they also belong to the most costly in terms of maintenance and repair.

Luxury Chalet in Georgia

Despite all of these, people invest huge amounts of their hard earnings to build their dream homes. Take for example, celebrities and millionaires who are known for spending millions of dollars in luxurious estates. Everybody has a dream house in mind, and some people are very fortunate to have built theirs in reality. Take a look at this manor on top of a mountain in Georgia, where huge logs, carvings, and beautiful stones make up most of its contemporary design.

The Exterior

Luxury Chalet in GeorgiaThe owner of this villa obviously wants the property to blend into the vast spread of woods and forests just below it. Huge, hardwood logs varnished to achieve a natural yet elegant look cover most of the exterior. Gigantic glass windows complement the wooden finish, balancing its aura into a more modern one.

Beneath the wooden finish are carefully set colorful stones that make a mosaic of natural artistry, leading the way to an arched entryway that leads to a spacious living. The view from the chalet is simply incredible, overlooking forests, mountains, and all the stunning sites nearby. Like first-class hotels with enchanting viewing decks that enable you to admire the wonders of nature, this mansion is surrounded by only the most fantastic sceneries for the nature-lover.

The Interior

Luxury Chalet in GeorgiaThe interior is just as stunning, with a high ceiling that welcomes visitors, fireplaces situated in the most incredible locations, creative carvings and tile works, as well as warm and welcoming lighting that makes every inch of space a sight to adore.

The Amenities

As if everything mentioned was not remarkable enough, this luxury chalet in Georgia features a private helicopter pad, a wet bar, a home theater, five bedrooms, four and a half baths, a fully equipped kitchen, hot tubs, a vanishing edge pool, and unsurpassed serenity that makes it the perfect abode.

At present, this luxury chalet is being sold for $5,765,900. While that is definitely on the lower edge of the price range for residential homes, it is easy to understand why such a gorgeous edifice is valued at such rate. Anyone who knows what style and extravagance means would know that this mansion is worth the millions.

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