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Luxury CH House in Mexico

CH House MexicoMany houses are modern and impressive architecture in the world, but certainly not all can boast how large rock has become the main character of the interior solution! And that is exactly what happened in the design and construction of CH House in Garza Garcia, Meksiko. Authors of this architectural and interior spectacle are the architects and designers of the studio GLR Arquitectos. As architects themselves say the site of today’s building was already too old and amortized over time in any aspect to the owners house and is confronted with the question – serious reconstruction or construction of a brand new home. Choosing alternative to be happy newcomers in a house built in line with modern architectural trends, the most current technology and efficient materials, they are certainly not wrong, as you will see for yourself.

CH House viewWhen creating a new project requires architects to reduce the very area of ??the garden in the backyard to accommodate all residential spaces in the 850 m, which is the area of ??the new building. Since the terrain is situated on a hill on the outskirts of the city, the presence of a large scale is not a surprise, but appears to be a problem that the architects solved quite simply – involve natural education and make it a main character in the interior of the house. Thus, the former big garden disappears, but in its place appears a place for contemplation of a very special nature due to the proximity of the existing large rock fragment. And most importantly – look at this attractive outdoor space is the kitchen corner for breakfast, living area and bedroom. From anywhere in these areas residents have the opportunity to enjoy an original visual effect.

CH House bathroomAnother attractive architectural feature is a large semi-covered porch, built around the pool in front of the property. A look here can make any newcomer to forget for a moment that the house is still located within the city, thanks to the large green areas around the pool. The basis of the original interior design of the house stands apart from the rock in the backyard, and a large double height living area with a set of directly exposed roof dormers. Result of this decision is interesting effect of controlled natural light that fills the entire space. On the upper level of the building is a home office, which enjoys beautiful views of the city, but not only – through a large window, the room has a direct visual link with the living area. Thus creating a sense of transparency and optical illusion that the government is a floating bridge over the terrace.

The materials used in the facade and the interior are almost identical – gray oak, black granite, concrete and white plaster. This choice contributes to the elegant appearance and contemporary nature of the project, spectacular and with so many other architectural and interior qualities.

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