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Luxury apartment is Houston

houston appartmentToday we will present you one impressive and extremely modern apartment in Houston. The flat is located on the 10th and 11th floor of luxury building in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of the US city. The interior design of the place is made by the well educated and good architect Cary Tamarkin, who reveals that the inspiration for the project is drawn from the cosmopolitan and modern look of Houston. In any case this is one of the most luxury apartments houston, which you may see in the city together with the large and well design penthouses in the downtown. The flat has total living area of 235 square meters and is definitely real architectural masterpiece, combining with good style the bright walls and the sophisticated and cozy touch. The designers used good style and really perfect vision to create one impressive flat in the heart of Houston competing with many great real estate in the region.

The big windows allow the light to come into the flat and to make it more spaceful. Together with the oak floor, which is carrying a sense of peace and warmth is the modern furniture, which is in a spectacular contrast. The chic lighting and impressive works of art complete the beauty of the apartment and make it really great and perfect in architecture and design. In any case this flat is one of the most beautiful in the list of the luxury Houston apartments, which can be seen if you click here.

The kitchen, dining and living rooms are merged into one large room, which has high roof, giving a sense of more space inside. The facadeof the room is almost entirely decorated in no walls, but with large windows. As a finishing touch of luxury apartment is the large balcony with area of 100 square meters, giving a breathtaking view to the city of Houston. The apartment has totally 6 rooms and 3 bathroom, definitely showing us the beauty of the modern US architecture.

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