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L-Shaped House

 L-Shaped HouseL-shaped house in California offers dramatic views inside and out; an apt description of the Vidakalis Residence, which is a sight to behold. The exquisite home designed by Swatt Miers Architects, seems to flow down the gentle slope on which it has been built. The house has been built in Portola Valley, California, and has a design that allows the sunlight to get into the house through an innovative arrangement of windows. The home is quite angular and features a lot of brown wood, making it blend well with the surrounding. There is very little foliage around it, ensuring that it gets a lot of sunshine during the day. It is an elongated marvel, which will leave you gasping for breath when you view its magnificence.

The lawns around the house are perfectly manicured and the architects say that its axis faces east-west, unlike many houses in the area which have a north-south axis. One of the major features of the home is a 75 foot swimming pool which has three infinity edges and is perpendicularly set to the house, perhaps to allow a good view of the house as one swims along the length of the pool.

 L-Shaped House

The major feature of the house, the living room, has vertical lines which reach out towards the high ceiling; the furniture is in sync in with the design of the house, having clear-cut and angular lines. The house has a meticulously designed landscape which seems to complement the immaculate design of the house. The shape of the house allows you to have a fantastic view of the front, no matter where you are. The huge windows allow the full light of day to waft into every corner, properly illuminating its unique design. At night, one can see the stars quite clearly through these windows, giving the illusion of being out in nature, lying under the starlight, when one goes to sleep.

The house has a long-running staircase which seems to flow with the levels of the house. Fantastic human

 L-Shaped Housesculptures are set in the house, giving it a certain character that lacks in house of this size. The kitchen is large and has white polished tops, which give it an immaculate look ideal for serving up delectable meals. The walk-in closets are something out of a feature novel; with illuminated pigeon holes for storing shoes.

The design of this L-shaped house is amazing; clearly, this was a well thought-out design, created with the intent of transcending beyond what is thought to be a contemporary house, by the standards of the day.

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