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Kofunaki eco house in Shiga, Japan

Kofunaki eco houseKofunaki eco house in Shiga, Japan

Kofunaki house e eco village located in Shiga, Japan. It is the work of designers from Studio ALTS design. The idea is to provide the residents of the house interior directly connected with nature. The goal is the feeling to be linked to our ancestors who lived closely linked to nature. The interior also reflects the desire of the Japanese to just survive the changing seasons. The wood is the main material used, which gives sense of comfort and warmness. It appears everywhere – on walls, floors, tables and chairs are also made ??of wood. The interior design is really impressive and really looks perfect with great decisions and wonderful elements.

On the ground floor are hand cut in the floor gardens that are filled with fine gravel. They planted a variety of plants. The total area of ??the two-storey house has 132,31 square meters. The first level includes parking, entrance hall, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. On the second floor room, kids room, balcony and attic. The light colors are making the interior clear and really fresh. You will feel in love with this pure and really nice design.

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