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Innovative Country House Renovation

Old Meets New; An Innovative Country House Renovation

Innovative Country House RenovationTraditionally, renovating a house meant simply repairing anything that has grown old or become damaged; there was never a drastic change from the original setting and design of the house. However, when Reichel Architects, and a Dinesen, a family owned Danish firm were asked to renovate an old German country house, they steered away from the norm, and the result was an architectural wonder. Country houses have high-arching roofs, and do not allow too much light into the house. However, the team innovatively found ways in which to brighten the interior of the house; an array of skylights, and white walls allowed Light to enter the house and brightly liven up the interior.

Skylights, Whitewashed Flooring Enlighten German Country House; a statement that describes how the architects managed this feat. The house is in a rural setting, with trees in the background, and a sloping front, with carefully manicured lawns. There is a flight of stairs leading to the house, which seems to have been hewn out of the rock, due to the grass that is left to lightly cover the edges of each stair. This give a natural texture, such as that you would find when grass grows around rocks in the wild.


According to the architects, the house used to be a stable and a hayloft. Later on, residential units were built into the structure. The people who commissioned the renovation wanted a house that had a rural feel, but also had a modern look. There are two sections to the building. One is walled in, and looks like a country house from the exterior, and the other has large windows which give an unobstructed view of the fields and forest in the background, and the large garden with an impressive swimming pool nestling in its middle.

Innovative Country House Renovation

When you walk into the living room, you immediately feel the clean atmosphere brought about by the

Innovative Country House Renovation

white walls and floors. The impressive lounges in the middle of room are made of sterile-white leather. To provide some contrast, the beams above and around the living room are made from dark wood; the impressive table in the center is also made of black wood. All the wood was brought from the German Black Forest, giving the home a lovely country feel.


Now, when you walk into the kitchen, you are thrust into another time altogether. The kitchen is ultramodern and has the clean-cut lines that you find in contemporary kitchens. The minimalist design, makes it have an austere, though comfortable feel. This is truly a remarkable architectural feat; a statement that says rural does not have to feel old.

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