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Ideas for small appartments

Small appartmentIdeas for small appartments

Nobody wants a small apartment, but if you already live in one, there are ways to create the illusion that it is bigger. Use these ideas to utilize every available space. Do it with style to look good and practical. Can your room is small, but high, so here’s a way to take advantage of it. Light wood furniture make the room more spacious. In small rooms it is not advisable to overdo many colors, so just bet on a brighter accent color, but everything else is in neutral tones. When your child grows, it needs its own private haven, so this idea is very practical if the room is small. Living room and home office in one – mission possible. If you do not have much space in the kitchen, you can mount a mass wall.

To separate bedroom in the studio, build a higher floor and place the cabinets under the bed. Put beautiful curtain to pull, when your guests arrive.

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