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GK House in Chapel Hill

GK HouseGK House in Chapel Hill

Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this magnificent house has effects both wooden and glazed walls. Bright, spacious and modern interior design – the house is a real joy to watch. One of the biggest advantages of the home is its height, especially in the living room, where glass walls slide away to open access to the green courtyard. “Kenneth Hobgood Architects” have created a stylish and beautiful home. The modern interior is designed as a striking combination of wood furniture made to order. As you will see this white and beige prevail everywhere, and contrast them with the tree bears bonus points in the form of warmth and comfort. The furniture is just serene and intriguing as a bright and welcoming home.

The house is quite attractive and future design and really great architecture, which has large windows and closes the residents to the nature, giving them perfect view.

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