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Extravagant house in Austria

Austria houseExtravagant house in Austria

We will present bold and extravagant house, the work of architects architectural studio Caramel Architects, which designed for a young family in a suburb of Vienna, Austria. Particularly impressed us a “corner” of the house that realistically there. Starting with the construction of the house, outdoor pool and the whole layout of the romantic courtyard and the interior color solution, the idea of ??a house without the correct angle was clear. Another feature of the house is transparent walls of the first floor. If white curtains are not drawn, you get an interesting effect, though the second floor rises elegantly above the ground.

The whole interior design is inspired by the calmness and ecology. The large windows allow the light to enter into the rooms and make the house definitely light. The decisions of the home designers are impressive and quite extravagant, but definitely the style is beautiful and they followed the latest fashion trends in the interior design. You can find really good ideas for your home from the great architects from Austria.

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