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Designers house in Sao Paulo

Designers house in in Sao PauloDesigners house in Sao Paulo

Ten years ago, the architects of the “Studio MK27? began with the construction of the house, which is now completely finished and you will see it in all its beauty and grace. It is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is a delight to the eye. This modern architecture and is one of the best things we’ve come across lately. To make the house used stone, steel, cement and glass. Simultaneously, interior design had to be consistent with the wishes of the owners – namely, airy and open floor plan, expanding space beyond the size of the home. The house has a large space, allowing the interior and exterior to seamlessly intertwine. The interior design of the house is spotless. Everywhere were used custom luxury furnishings that contribute to a sense of contemporary and modern home.

Besides the swimming pool, the exterior of the home includes beautiful views and spectacular outdoor bar. The architects have created an elegant residence, which we can only dream. And our dreams come true with such beautiful and impressive house designs and interior decisions. Definitely the designers and architects can get great ideas from this luxury house.

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