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Cluny House in Singapore

Cluny House SingaporeCluny House in Singapore

The Hi-tech house Cluny in Singapore designed by Guz Architects steeped in lush greenery and large patio is transformed into artificial lake. In this amazing home are deployed very advanced technologies for various purposes which make it a worthy example for the house of the future.
The photovoltaic panels and passive ventilation can dramatically reduce energy consumption. Due to the good irrigation and the roof garden collecting the recycle rainwater. The plan of the house is oriented to the courtyard, pond, which is an example of landscape design class.
While in the house are in place all sorts of “smart” systems – management, security, etc, so they are camouflaged and discreet, they are the last thing anyone would have noticed.

As you will see anywhere in the house and outside the predominant vegetation, warmth and coziness.

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