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Cloud House in Australia

cloud house australiaWe are always on the hunt for beautiful, interesting and mostly unique houses. I came across a great architecture, we wanted to share with you. This house is located in Australia and is named “Cloud House”, and probably guessed, looking at pictures of her inspiration comes from nature, or rather of the clouds. The architects of the “Cloud House” is McBride Charles Ryan and we served an unusual volume, which is a true challenge to the senses. Many dynamic drama and atmosphere in this house is built with a sympathetic form of a cloud. Looking at the white, clean facade, it’s hard to imagine what lies on the other side. Whatever it is, we are confident that we will enjoy a lot.

There, the ceiling is curved, while wood finishes create mysterious continuity in the interior, as long as continued from the ceiling, the wall to the floor, covered with shiny lacquered wooden floor. Both parts of the house are correlates with dyed bright red kitchen. Strange but nice solution for us. And finally we will tell that the strong experiments and extravagant designs and not always successful, but when talking about the Cloud House definitely that is not true.

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