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California house on the ridge

California house ridgeThere are many places in the world where they built luxury houses whose owners can only envy – that which we present here is one of them. The house – a great example of modern architecture and construction, designed and decorated by architects and designers at Carver + Schicketan. The luxury building is located on the slope of the ridge Santa Lucia in Big Sur, California. Big Sur is a region of the Central Coast of California. The house is one of the most interesting California real estates and great place for traveling and summer holidays. No place certain limits, but it considers that extends 145 km of coastline between Carmel River and San Kaproforo Bay. Big Sur is where the mountain ridge seemed out of the Pacific Ocean. The name, a mix of English and Spanish, means “big country to the south.” The area is very picturesque and each year attracts thousands of tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful view.

California house luxuryThis place with spectacular scenery and wonderful and breathtaking scenery is inspiring in time a number of artists – writers, painters, musicians. For example, here Henry Miller wrote the autobiographical novel “Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch” and Jack Kerouac – his book “Big Sur “which is currently a screen and the film should hit the big screen by the end of 2012. And just this unique place modern contemporary building fits naturally in the area, thanks to the materials used – stone, wood and glass. Warm but neutral color palette facade is selected to complement the natural resources and to correlate Emerald sparkle of the ocean and the endless blue of the sky the bright green of the hills behind. The composition of the soft ovals and make strict lines in the architectural shape of the building makes it equally remarkable from all sides.

California house sunsetThe massive stone base connecting to the constructive structure uphill slope, contrasts elegantly with the lighter elements of steel and glass of the house. The first level is the social area, and the second – the bedrooms of the owners. In the kitchen, one wall is lined with stone to achieve a natural relationship with the facade. In the living room large panoramic windows literally blurring the boundary between inside and outside, and soft pastel range in color concept in harmony with the prevailing presence of natural wood – in furniture and floors. Much of the furniture is designed specifically for this house designers studio. On the second level, where the bedrooms are situated, has an adjoining large terrace, partially covered – here are organized inside and outside various recreation.

California house viewSeveral such wonderful places are organized in the garden. At the main building has a spacious complementary development – starting from the entrance driveway leads to “dug” into the slope small gallery where the owner has arranged various works of art, which is his great passion. In line with modern trends in “green architecture”, the house has its own photovoltaic system, which is designed to generate 90% of energy consumption in the home. Located on the beautiful hillside near the edge over the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, this house is a modern jewel, which, however, tourists will hardly be able to enjoy.

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