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Black prefabricated house in Spain

blackhouseBlack is a particular color – often seen as a good choice it prevails in the interior or exterior of our homes, but we are particularly attracted by this idea exactly. The designers from the Spanish studio A-cero has once again proved that the realization of such a concept can become a remarkable achievement. The studio, founded by Joaquin Torres, has specialized in the manufacture of prefabricated home design. The buildings are composed of modules are made in a special order that “create” of the terrain. This allows for very reasonable prices for the end customer, since the modules are produced on the line without affecting the ability to be assembled in any configuration.

Studio A-cero offers furniture that is usually a stylish mix of classic modern furniture and interior design. One of their most notable projects completed this year, a family model that is furnished. The house, erected in Madrid, has 2 bedrooms and common rooms, but this is the smallest version of the project. The inner courtyard has a small outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by a mini-beach. The design is black shiny material that reflects the surrounding environment. The area around the house is covered with a mixture of lawn areas and decorative flooring of small white pebbles.

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